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Month: December 2020

What is Reputation Marketing (And Why Should I Do It)?

Reputation marketing refers to the processes that a business goes through to positively promote its brand content in the digital world. It also includes acquiring as much positive feedback as possible, either through social media, online forums, and traditional press, among others. Any company planning to take its business online should have a clear understanding […]

14 Quick Facts and Figures About Online Reviews (That You Need To Know About)

Online reviews are essential in getting new customers, and they play an important part in keeping your current customers as well. While it might not be possible to completely avoid negative reviews because a business can’t please everybody, you still want to make sure you get more positive reviews to outweigh the bad ones. Good […]

How do I Successfully Handle Negative Reviews for My Business?

Let’s face it — it’s daunting to see a negative review on your business. It can harm potential customers and significantly affect one’s image. Reading reviews is a basic intuition of people before purchasing a product or service. In a 2020 Local Consumer Review Survey, almost 87% of consumers look at local businesses’ online reviews. […]

How Do I Include Customer Reviews In An Effective Business Marketing Strategy?

In this age of digital marketing, a lot of businesses still fail to understand how powerful word of mouth advertising remains. The increasing dependence of people on social media and other digital information platforms such as blogs and resource websites has given them a new tool to practice word-of-mouth marketing in the form of customer […]

How (and Why) Should I Be Responding to Positive Reviews About My Brand?

Addressing positive reviews is vital for your business. Here’s why.  We live in a digital age where everyone is almost glued to their phones and rely on the internet daily. Everything is one click away with information that can be available in one search. The most popular search engine is Google, with approximately 79 billion […]